Batik, A limited Edition Suit for Men.

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KMADD, Menstuff, and Virtual World Network along with Siren Productions are excited to bring you The Men 24. This wonderful event takes place August 19th-27th, 2011. 24 amazing menswear designers have come together by invitation only to create Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits. Joining them are 4 prominent Skin Designers, 4 Accessory Designers, and 4 Hair Designers creating limited edition exclusive hair, skins, and accessories all for the gentlemen of Second Life!

Of Course Brocade Tiger is taking part in this grand menswear event. For this week only Brocade tiger is offering the Limited Edition Batik Suit.

The Batik comes with a classic closed suit jacket  as well as waistcoat and dress shirt so the one suit can be made into several different looks, all for only 350L.

You can find it ONLY here at the Men’s 24 Event and for just this week. After that its gone for good because Only 100 of these will be sold!

Come get yours while they last!


And in case you need more incentive to go shop at the Men’s 24 event…many of Brocade Tiger’s designs are selling at the event at very reduced prices. Hope to see you there.


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It was a glorious summer day in early August, the sort of day where the sun was hot but the breezes were cool as they danced over Annie’s summer tanned skin.  It was just the day for a walk in the park. The sundress that bared her shoulders and long legs to the kiss of the summer breezes was new, the very latest design by Brocade Tiger. With a garland of colorful wildflower twined around her waist and the bright ladybug dotted print of the dress, she  looked playful and so very feminine. Annie had started her day feeling a bit blue, but now as she watched the children play with their toy boats she found herself unable to stop smiling.  Some times in the summer, you have to have a little fun in your day and and a few bugs in your fashion.

Get your dress today at the Brocade Tiger Main Store.

If you find you want even more Floral and Laybugged fashion fun, stop next door at Red Robin Jewelers and pick up the matching flower jewelry set.

Claim the Fame Rd. 3, Roaring 20s

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I am in for another round….and this one is going to be harder for me. This time its the roaring 20s. This was an era with very distinct lines to the clothing and they are not going to be easy to duplicate.

To make things even more complicated, the two muses that live in my head and create the ideas were both yelling “PEACOCK!” over and over again. Now this was the gangster days. Tommy guns..rum running. Tuff guys to be sure. I guess if they wanted to dress in peacock feathers who was going to say no. I had noticed the other contestants we using a great deal more sculpted prims then i was so i went out and got myself a nice sculpt suit…and plucked a couple peacocks.  Thus the peacock feather trimmed suit, Deco was created.

Of course the lady had to match.

I had spoke with some of the other contestants and was hearing that the all figured everyone would do a flapper girl….and wanted to be different. I did not care if I was different. I wanted to do a flapper girl and just do it well. Getting the high wasted, very flippy movement of a flapper dress was a challenge and something I had not tried before. Its been a long time since i played to much with making dresses.

Its So hard to get two outfits done, on models, photographed and out for sale in a week!

This is going to be a heck of a organizing challenge for me to keep up with this contest, the rest of my virtual life…and my real life too.

Claim the Fame, Round 2, Darkness

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I have never been a huge fan of voice on SL and had never bothered to set it up. I am not much of a talker in RL….and i saw no reason to taint SL with small talk. Then came the “Claim the Fame”  TV show.  Being mute on TV is boring and I was going to want to talk about my designs… off i went into the unsettling world of mics and Skype.  Let me tell you,  trying to remember what sound level to have turned up, what  slider to have turned down, what button to push and what button not to push and recall all that while trying to walk onto a stage AND say something that did not make me sound like an utter nutball was all i was able to manage. I was to busy juggling technology to be  nervous about what the judges would say about my designs.

The Judges are Arisia Ashmoot,Tatanka Kaligawa and Wicca Merlin, three well known names in the SL fashion World, and they had things to say about my designs….wonderful things. Things like “This was what i hoped to see” and “Clothing that you can’t find in every shop” Whoo hoo!  I do like good reviews. I know I was able to toggle the various technologies  well enough to babble a surprised “Thank you” at the judges…but wow….what a rush. I was feeling pretty sure that I was not going to be one of the two contestants that were going to be voted off….and…I wasn’t. Ms Wicca did an astounding photo of my outfits after the show.

You can see the show here in full moving color.. Claim the Fame on Metaverse!

Off I go into round two and this time the theme is DARKNESS. Think Goth, vampires, creatures of the night. I was thilled. I Love that kinda stuff. Almost at once the female Idea came to me. (With a little inspiration from Kimmera, thanks Mom!) I was ready to get things moving.

Little did I know what was ahead. This was going to be a whole new battle with technology. First was the day when one of my SL views would not allow me to upload textures, and the other one would not let me see temp. textures.  Turns out that was an all day glitch with Second life that many people were having, but it was a set back.

Then….i got a computer virus. Ever try to draw with new windows popping up ever 30 seconds? Its very distracting and not in the good fun way that Mozart was last week.  Between Computer hassles and RL work, i managed to just barely finish the outfits before showtime. The female outfit is decidedly hot…..and i can hardly believe I made this.

The guys outfit turned out alright but there is more I would have liked to have done. Still….not a bad effort. We shall see what the judges have to say tonight. Both of these designs will be for sale at the Brocade Tiger Main Store later this week.

Claime the Fame, “Formals” Round 1

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The theme for the first round of “Claim the Fame” came in at last. Formal wear. We get two weeks for this first design set because we really want to have an impressive first showing.   Crud, Formal wear. Really?!  I  am not all that good at the big filmy floaty dresses and i have not made ANYTHING for women in over a year. Still better that  my weak spot comes up now when there are  more designers to chose from as to who gets the boot.

I think on theme….because just doing any old formal dress and tux is boring. I stare at my Logo and think….and think… thinkthinkthink. Hmmmm.


Suddenly i had my idea and I was off and running. I better be off and running. I have two weeks to make two new designs that will wow the judges.  Fabric swatches are found and I am off and virtual sewing for all I am worth.

The dress came pretty easy, I was really pleased with it and with myself when I showed it to the boyfriend. Mozart, the dear thing looked at it…and went “mmmm”. He does that alot. Mmmm.  I am never sure what it means. This time it meant that the textures on the skirt were warped and distorted at the top.

Thus began my trek into the learning of “warp tool’. I only recently got Photoshop and I am still learning its mysteries. The Warp Tool turns out to do amazing things and proves to be very distracting and fun to play with… and so does Mozart. Really…an avatar should not look that good when someone is trying to work.

See what I mean….that is a seriously good looking distraction. He has been so patient with me getting ready for this contest too, hardly any time to spend on him. He works on his jewelry and never complains at the manic state of the workroom or this frantic state of this red head. It started me thinking how lucky I was to have him around. We have been dating in SL for near a year already, it was time. So in between  ‘sewing’  sessions , i took time out to propose partnership. He said Yes. Needless to say that was the end of any work we got done that day.  It is a good thing I have an extra week for this challenge.

The dress is done at last and I have sent it off to my model, Rhonda. Now its time to get the tux going. Women’s clothing is hard for me, but men’s designs are FUN. I had so many ideas for this steam tux that it was a bit tricky to pick just one.  However time was running out…i just had 4 days left before the show. This is what i  came up with and i think it might be my faverite thing i have ever made.

I am so looking forward to the show on Weds.  These designs will be on sale at the Brocade Tiger Main store next week.

The Brocade Tiger trys to “Claim the Fame”

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Not sure how many of you have heard of it, but there is a new designer’s contest on the grid. It’s based on the TV show called “Project Runway” and it pits 20  SL clothing designers in a head to head competition.  You know me…I love stress and deadlines so I had to get in on this.
I took my most recent design.. the aptly named “Chance” suit, tossed it onto my bod and went to an audition. Can’t say I expected to have much happen though.

To my great surprise and delight however, I got in as one of the top 20!
The idea of the Claim the Fame contest is simple. 20 designers are given a theme to design on and one week of time. In that week they have to create two outfits on the theme, one for men and one for women. Then they have to get them onto a preselected model and styled for the runway. Then the outfits must be photographed,  boxed and ready to sell.

In one week.


One week.

We designers in this contest are crazy for even thinking of doing this.
I can hardly wait to start. I guess I like being crazy.

You can find these fashions at the Brocade Tiger Main store

Candy Man, Free at Brocade Tiger

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Free and fun for the Christmas season, its a new gift for Brocade Tiger guests.  Somewhere hidden in the store a tiger striped gift bag and all you have to do is find it.

It comes with multi layers as well as the candy cane and Santa hat. Transferable so you can gift your faverite guy with a copy. You can get a link to the store Right Here.

Happy Holidays.


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