Granted the Eclipse suit is not brand new.

It is the last thing the redheaded version of me (Lexi Vargas) made for “Glam Dammit”¬† before he went underground to turn into the full hermit he always claimed to be. As such it really did not get much exposure and I like it to much to let it go. My best of the old designs are going to transfer over to the New Brocade Tiger and this is truly one of my best.



I was really pleased with this suit. It has a lot of fine  detail put into it and its different from the basic black, grey and brown suits we men are supposed to be wearing.

BT Eclipse

If you want it, and I know you do… it can be yours for only L275 and can be found on SL Marketplace or at the (very empty) Brocade Tiger Main Store here.